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Sometimes you just want to show a message and not a complete video. I found an amazingly easy online to use program, that converts videos into GIFS. You can convert 30 seconds of every video you want.



CEO: Unknown

City: Riga

Country: Latvia

Privacy proclamation

Ezgif respects your privacy, uploaded files are kept for only 1 hour, and deleted afterward. There will be no files publicly displayed either.

Why GIFs

Social Media is full of GIF files, those amazing moving images, and text. You practically draw the attention to your ad or message. It’s a proven thing that moving objects are more likely to be clicked than static objects. So, it’s worth the effort to create some awesome moving GIFs

Videos vs GIFs

Video is entertainment and entertainment attracts people. Intriguing stories, interesting people, a personal touch. Entertainment! Images say more than 1000 words, and video marketing can deliver on that. Fantastic shots and catchy images not only attract viewers but also retain them. When someone is taken away by content that really interests them, they automatically start a band. That is why video marketing is so effective. But… people always have to click on the video to get it started, at least, if you have more than 1 video displayed. You don’t want them to start automatically and to play simultaneously.

Sometimes you just want to shoot a message, a quote or just attract the attention of your visitors to watch your image. For that matter, you can create a GIF image.

Examples for animated “quick messages” images

Display banners as GIFs

Moving advertisements are capturing your visitors’ attention too. They convert much better than static ads. People are tempted to click that moving button. I have written a training about how to create moving banners

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3 moving banners

Created with the use of Powerpoint/Open Office Impress, Screencast-o-Matic, and

How do works?

Go and play around a bit on  They have many more features to explore!

The result of my video converted into a GIF file

Animated banner child play

What is a GIF file?

A gif (graphics interchange format) – is simply a series of images, without audio, that repeats itself infinitely. The big difference with video files, in addition to being endlessly looped, is that the file format of a gif is much smaller. Gifs also work in all browsers. Whether you use Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer: don’t worry! You will just see that little animated image. Moreover, they play automatically when the page loads.

The moving pictures have been on the rise for years – and in 2019 it is impossible to imagine life without these attractive moving little pictures.

Where can I make my own GIF file?

This program is free online to use, you can create awesome GIFs yourself with a series of images. Go to and upload your images. Watch the preview, set the timer. And when you are satisfied you click on Create GIF animation. After that, you can download the GIF to your computer and use it anywhere you like.

Why do GIFs work?

How come gifs are back? This is mainly due to the power of repetition. This power applies to visual messages. Certainly, in long texts, light-hearted, moving images are a welcome change. Images are often recorded faster than words. There is a poison for everything. Because they stand out, the message also gets even better with the target group. It is a strategic tool that functions for education, communication, and marketing. GIFs even turn out to generate twice as much engagement as a static image. And who doesn’t want that?

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