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What is Better for Business Vimeo or YouTube? — 10 Comments

  1. It is a very good review, also a comparison between two important platforms. I prefer YouTube, I have never gone to Vimeo, maybe as I didn’t try it, I don’t know anything about. Now I am curious, I think I will see Vimeo, only for curiosity. I like so much YouTube to go some other place. Thank you for sharing your opinion.

    • Thanks Maria, I was suspended from Vimeo, they said my account was a business account, and I needed to start paying, so, be careful about what you upload. YouTube is less strict. 


  2. Hi Loes

    Although using videos is not something I have used yet as I haven’t quite figured out why and how I should use it, I found your article really helpful in guiding me on what I should use.

    It seems like using YouTube is probably the best option for me. I didn’t realise they were owned by Google so that’s a bonus! The advertising is definitely a downside but in the long run you can gain more traffic. 

    I’ve bookmarked your article for future reference. Thanks for the informative read.

    • Thanks Teresa, nice to read you’ve bookmarked the post. And yes, there is a lot of advertising on YouTube, even in between, that annoys me too.


  3. YouTube is one of the best ways to reach a large number of people, and it’s free. Some YouTube videos have tens or even hundreds of millions of views. It would cost a fortune to reach the same number of people through conventional advertising. I’ve watched videos on Vimeo, but never uploaded any videos there. However, it looks as though it too is a low-cost way of reaching people.

    • It’s just what you want for your business, when you want to educate your employees with a video series, Vimeo is probably a better choice.


  4. I have to be honest with you here – I can’t remember ever seeing a Vimeo video showing up on the first page of a Google search result…but I’ve witnessed millions of YouTube videos showing up there! (they are owned by Google after all!). 

    I feel that Vimeo will always be second best to YouTube for this one factor – the traffic can not possibly compete with videos that show up in Google’s results like that, don’t you agree?

    • That’s right Chris, but when you want to have a training series of videos on your website, and charge for it, the quality of Vimeo is much better and it’s totally ad free. It all depends on your demands and purpose.


  5. working from home on the internet is slowly starting to take over the world. I have some many jobs online that pay me well, I don’t need to go out and get a job anywhere else which is amazing, suit me so well. Youtube is a great site to build your own enterprise. 

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