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We’ve been here together since the first day I became a member. We grew together, laughed and sometimes even a little cry. We have been building up a friendship for life. And I am very sure we are going to meet in person someday!

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Who is Marion Black?

Marion and I joined Wealthy Affiliate in the same period. She became a member in June 2014, and I joined Wealthy Affiliate in July 2014. Ever since we are in contact via the private message system at WA. And I think we can almost write a 500 pages thick book from all the PM’s we have sent back and forward.

Marion is creating tutorials for Wealthy Affiliate and Udemy. She’s been learning and teaching people about computers since the early 1980s starting with the Commodore 64.

I have asked Marion to sort out 10 of the 25 questions for the interview

Here are her questions and answers:

interview question 1
I was 55 when I started my first website – 14 years ago.

interview question 2
I’m researching a couple of areas so I can create online courses. I’ll start videoing today or tomorrow.

* Note from Loes: The training video series of Marion I like to share; The WordPress Gutenberg EditorSplendid job Marion!

interview question 6
I learn from the competition or I ignore them.

interview question 8
When I’m alone in the house I sing in every room.

interview question 9
If I’m still alive in 25 years I’ll be 94 and I’ll be living a life of luxury.Rocking-chair-Marion


*Note from Loes: I can see it in my imagination, Marion.

You sitting on the porch in a rocking chair,

with a checkered plaid covering your legs.


interview question 11
When I was 21 my future husband told me that I was the only girl he’d ever loved. He passed away 5 years later leaving me expecting my second child.

interview question 16
Learn to spell, use punctuation properly and write the way you speak as if you were talking to an old friend.

interview question 20
Come to Adelaide Australia. I love living here.

*Note from Loes: I would love to visit you in Adelaide, do you have 2 rocking chairs?

interview question 22
People who waste my time.

interview question 23
I really don’t like people who tell lies.

Thank you, Marion, for showing us a bit of your personal life. And what a very lovely memory that your late husband gave to you.

Marion’s Websites


Free Cheap Books


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  1. Evald says:

    Hey there,

    I am very happy for You Loes for finding such eneregetic, positive and kind-hearted person at WA who is always willing to help You and have Your back, my hat goes off to Marion Black, thank You for being awesome and so helpful! I can relate to You Loes as I also have buddy from WA who is simply an amazing person who always helps me out, gives great adives and tips and also who inspires & motivates me so much! It’s a such a fullfilling feeling to have someone You can rely on, someone You trust and who is basically always looking forward to help You out and see You succeed! Keep up the good work and best of luck to You! 

    • Loes says:

      Thank you Evald, sometimes you have a click with someone, and you should cherish that:) It’s not easy to find trustful persons online, I know, but when you have found them, you have found a treasure!


  2. Emmanuel Buysse says:

    Great post and it shows a lot of insight to me.

    She is right about the fact that  liars are the worst people ever, but hey, on the internet you find many of them, look at the amount of scammers out there.

    Now, she has a lot of experience and it seems i can learn a lot of Marion Black.

    I loved the interview and it made me overthink some things to make my blog better.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

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