ways to avoid scam online

There are a lot of scammy sites online, promising you golden mountains! Get millionaire overnight!

Do you believe that? Then there should be a lot of millionaires by now if that would work!

Ways to avoid scam online

There are sensible ways to avoid scam online. You can’t be too careful. Before you know it, you have paid an amount of money to go into this scene, not knowing exactly what it is all about. I will give you 15 reasons when the alarm bells should go off!

Ways to avoid scam online

1.  When they say, the offer is limited.

2.  When they say, claim your spot, we only have room for two more.

3.  When they have the advertisement out only for today.

4.  When they offer a huge discount, the regular price is $999 but you do not pay $499, even not $199 but only $99.

5.  When you can’t see what you are paying for, no transparency.

6.  When you have to download stuff, to get into the program.

7.  When there isn’t any information available about the company.

8.  When they promise you an income of $10,000 dollar within a month.

9.  If you have to pay money to be allowed to join.

10. If guarantees are given on the level of earnings.

11. If it’s too good to be true, it usually IS to good to be true!

12.  Note the writing style. Is it in understandable correct English.

13. If there is actually very little information.

14. If there is an overload of information, you do not understand at all anymore.

15. If the site is loud, with lots of flashing and call to action buttons.



What can you do about it to detect if you are dealing with a scam site?

Take a close look at the website. What are they offering you?

Look at the 15 points above, what is the score between 1-14 and what does Google say about it?

I am going along a few points with you now.



Point 1,2 and 3, limitation, they want to convince you, you miss the biggest opportunity of your life if you do not join today. Well, that is rubbish!

What is the price you pay?

Point 4, 5, 6 and 7, which price you have to pay for what software, is for trustful companies no issue at all. When you purchase a software program from Microsoft, you pay a price. You know what you are going to get. They do not give $900 dollar discount on the price. They are transparent and clear. They are giving you an opportunity to contact them by mail or otherwise. A trustful company gives you the chance to look inside and contact people before paying unseen for something dusky.

They promise you heaven!

Point 8, 9, 10 and 11. Set your alarm bells on sharp! Tens of thousands of dollars per month? Guaranteed? That can’t be true!

And take it from me, it isn’t! The cash is not flowing into your account, BUT into their account, when you are paying!

When it sounds too good to be true, it IS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

Read between the lines

Point 12, 13 and 14. How is the information given? What words do they use, Is it written in plain English? Or do they use difficult to understand phrases? Is the information to the point and clear? Do you know what you get, after reading the website?

Can you contact them if you have questions?


What you see is what you get!?#@

Point 15: I’ll make visible.

Ways to avoid scam online Ways to avoid scam online Ways to avoid scam online


Use your biggest friend Google. If you Google: “Is …… a scam? Lots of info will come in the results.

You can make up your mind quickly!


“Ways to avoid scam online”

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  1. Daryl K. Miller says:

    Hi Dear!
    Thanks for your informative and exceptional article. We would like to know more details about online scams. You have pretty well-presented scams. Many of the people who came to work online were victims of scams. Basically, the scams of online will continue. We have to be aware. Here are some tips. Please take a look

    • Loes says:

      Hello Daryl, thank you for your comment, I have visited your website. Your provided URL is deleted. I’m sorry, I can not allow people to add their own affiliate links in my comment section. Have a great day, Loes

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  2. Robert Basaker says:

    Loes, I just stopped by your site and really like this article. I wish I would have been warned sooner. I have been trying for 6 months to start my own home internet marketing business and have fallen victim to these scam offers. I guess I forgot the 1st rule “if it sound too good to be true, it probably is.” The Wealthy Affiliate opportunity you referenced sounds like they are offering a lot of value for free, the transparency thing you discussed in your article. I like that I am able to try the program out without any upfront cost. This shows a lot of confidence in their product. This could be the answer to my search. I am going to sign up today and keep you posted on my progress with Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you so much for your service. Keep up the good work.

    • Loes says:

      Yes Bob, Wealthy Affiliate offers a world on information, thousands of tutorials devided into 13 different classes, and besides that, we are a very active and helpful community, you really made the right choice to sign up and try things out for free 🙂 See you on the other side, Loes

  3. Kristina says:

    Hi Loes,

    thanks for a very good article. It is so easy to fall for these scammers, and it is sometimes very hard to distinguish which are bad and which are legit, because they are getting better and better. One type of ads that irritate me a whole lot is the once with a video where they ramble on and on withour actually saying anything other than; “I’m going to tell you about how you can become rich (or whatever) in just a minute, but first….bla,bla,bla”, they drive my crazy!
    Love your site!

    • Loes says:

      Hello Kristina, that are really irritating vids, they tell you exactly how they get rich, just asking you to pay them first, before they will reveal the secret about how to get rich:) scammy stuff. But we found the no 1 Kristina:) See you back there at the forum of Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for checking out my post! That’s what I truly love about the WA community, all those helpful people! Loes

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