Before you are joining a company or organization, you always want to know more of the trustfulness of your future relationship. The reasons people are interested in starting a website are very diverse. Some have an ambition, a dream. Some have a product or a book of their own to promote. But a lot are chasing the money cash flow on the internet. How possible will it be for you to hit the jackpot, and how possible will it be, when you take matters into your own hands and get a piece of this enormous cake! Here are the most Wealthy Affiliate FAQs.



Wealthy Affiliate FAQs

What is Wealthy Affiliate about?

The Wealthy Affiliate University was founded in 2005. It is an open education source which provides tutorials to teach you all about Affiliate Marketing. They connect thousands of entrepreneurs with training, affiliate marketing, and social networking.

What is the mission of Wealthy Affiliate?

The mission of Wealthy Affiliate is making it possible for everyone, through proper training and guidance, to become successful online marketers.

Who are the owners of Wealthy Affiliate?

Kyle and Carson

Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim, both from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, are active members of the community and frequently available to ask questions in the chatroom. Both guys are always approachable for questions.

What support is available?

There is a development and support team from about 20 full-time employees, including Kyle, Carson, and Jay.
Jay is responsible for the very interesting live video training which is freely offered to all premium members.
There is a specialist team of programmers, code managers, content managers and others.

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Community?

Wealthy Affiliate has an active, warm, compassionate, international community. Members can contact one another in various ways: By writing interactive blogs where you can place your reaction, in questions area where members are able to send Q & A to each other, and also a chatroom for direct communication. You also have the possibility to send personal messages.

Wealthy Affiliate FAQs

How is the help structured on Wealthy Affiliate?

Technical Support: 24/7/365

Community support: 24/7/365

Q&A: Wealthy Affiliate is open around the clock, and all Q&A are databased and accessible.

PM (private Message): All premium members are able to reach out to each other, (most members are specialized in some area), and the willingness to help is incredible.

Live chat: Ask in person your question in live chat, where Kyle and Carson are present on a regular base too.

How are the tutorials presented on Wealthy Affiliate?

The affiliate marketing and boot camp tutorials are written and accompanied with step-by-step videos. You can watch the videos 24/7.  There is almost weekly a live video training for premium members. And also, the blogs and extra tutorials written by members are of great value.

What are the tasks I have to do?

Most important is to “Get Started”. Beneath all lessons are checkboxes. Some lessons you can do in an hour and some will take up much more time. You will get only useful assignments, which will lead you to the success you have in mind.

How many lessons can I follow?

I haven’t counted them all, but besides the regular Wealthy Affiliate tutorials, and the classrooms you can enter, there are thousands of  lessons available written by members.

Certification Courses- Getting Started

Level 1 Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started
Level 2 Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
Level 3 Online Entrepreneur Certification – Making Money!
Level 4 Online Entrepreneur Certification – Mastering Social Engagement
Level 5 The Business of Content – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

Affiliate Bootcamp

Phase 1 Starting Your Foundation
Phase 2 Content, Keywords, and Conversions
Phase 3  Giving Your Site Social Value
Phase 4 Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media
Phase 5 Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals
Phase 6 Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC
Phase 7 How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

Each level and every phase contain 10 lessons.

What is the difference between the benefits of joining Starter Membership and Premium Membership?

Wealthy Affiliate FAQs

Wealthy Affiliate FAQs – Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the promotion of products for companies by placing ads on your website and writing reviews for products.

Is it easy to become an affiliate for a company?

Most companies are glad you want to place a banner ad on your website, and they are willing to pay you a percentage commission for every sale you mediate. To be clear, when the subject of your website is pets, it will be most likely a company rejects your mediation for selling clothes.

Where do you get the products?

In fact, you review products and place ads for companies. The selling/buying and delivery of the products is not your responsibility. When a purchase is made you get a notice from the company and are paid commission.

Affiliate Marketing


How high is the commission companies will pay?

That can vary from 2% until almost 50%

How long does it take to make money?

Some have their first sale within a month.
That is depending on how much time you put in and in which niche you are promoting and how.
Expensive holidays and wines will likely attract more customers from promoting at rotary clubs than on Ebay.
I have 5 websites, and one of them is about spirituality for kids, idealistic, a “call from the heart”  which does sell a book once in a while. This website will not bring me financial growth, but I love my “baby”.
It depends on a lot of factors. But there is a whole community waiting to help you with ideas.

How are you going to advertise and how much does this cost?

The lessons are based on learning how to structure your website, so it will become visible at Google/Bing and other  search engines. That way you get more and more visitors to your website and more chances products will be purchased via your banners. There are also tutorials to teach you how to spread your content on all different social media sites, like twitter, G+, and Facebook. This system is free of any charge.

Can you make money as a free member?

Yes, you can, because your future affiliate partners will pay your commission for every purchase made via your website. That stands apart from your Wealthy Affiliate membership. You also can earn-while-you-learn on Wealthy Affiliate, only the commission is 100% higher for premium members.

Can I really make money online?

I do, so you can do it too. I use various ways to make money online. I promote products. I promote companies with affiliate programs and I promote Wealthy Affiliate.

Has Wealthy Affiliate its own affiliate program?

Yes, and it is one of the best affiliate programs online.

Wealthy Affiliate FAQs

What is a realistic money goal?

The Wealthy Affiliate referral program pays recurring commission, as explained in the graphic at the previous question. Besides the income you can earn from referrals, we also teach you to generate income from affiliate ads.

Wealthy Affiliate FAQs – You

What is expected from you?

The program works for everybody the same, but not everybody works the same. Follow the lessons step-by-step, do not skip any, give it time, and keep growing. So will your website grow and your income grow.

How long does it take to build a website?

To set up the base of a website will take about 1-3 weeks, then comes the building of it, and I know from experience, a website is never finished 🙂 We will teach you how to write content and more content = more visitors = more income.

How to find a niche?

It is very important to realize which market you are going to conquer. Tablets, telephones, pets supplies, health products, clothing, shoes, there are hundreds of niches you can choose. I advise you to pick the niche closest to your heart. People can tell from a distance if you are in business for the money or in business with your heart.

How many websites am I allowed to own?

You are allowed to host 25 siterubix.com’s and 25 owned domain name websites. And that is almost unlimited. Most hostings allow a max of 5 websites. But that amount is unfeasible to handle. You better focus yourself on one or a few websites. One terrific website can bring in hundreds of dollars too.

How much time will it take to get my website ranked on page #1 on Google?

That is totally related to the niche you are into, the content you have written and your own activity. But also, the age of your website is important. Most daily blog posted active websites will score the #1 page of Google after publishing for 3 months in a row. Therefore, a lot of people are doing the 30 challenge. Place one blog post every day during a month.

What happens when I want to leave and take my website to another host?

Wealthy Affiliate will host your website for 30 days beyond the cut-off date, which gives you time to still work on it and move it to another host in the meantime.

How do I get started?

Click here to find all information to get started.

I know nothing about the internet, I have to begin from scratch, can I do it?

The lessons are in writing and displayed with step-by-step videos. Easy to follow instructions will guide everybody forward. The more advanced can probably skip some of the videos, for them the text will be sufficient.

Wealthy Affiliate FAQs – domain names and keyword tools

What is the benefit of my own domain name?

Having your own domain name makes it easier to move your site to new hosting. Also adds value & credibility. Owning your own domain is an asset, something you can sell if you want to. Your own domain name conveys a more permanent presence on your site as you grow your audience

Is the domain name included in WA premium?

The siterubix.com domain names are included, but when you want your own domainname.com you can purchase one on Namecheap.

What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is the world’s No. 1 keyword tool and is owned by Kyle and Carson

Is Jaaxy part of the WA premium?

No, Jaaxy is not included and has a membership of its own and its own affiliate program. Every new Jaaxy member gets 30 free searches to experience the value of this tool

Does Wealthy Affiliate have its own free keyword tool?

Yes and no, the keyword tool on Wealthy Affiliate is free for premium members. Free members have 30 free searches.

How does the Google ranking system work and where can I check this?

On one of my tutorials, this Google ranking system has been explained.

Look for more Google features on my Amazing website tools page.

Wealthy Affiliate FAQs – Legitimate

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

You can join for free, you may look inside, and you do not have to give any credit card data. You get full opportunity to look inside and judge for yourself. Wealthy Affiliate is a transparent open educational source.

How do I know it’s legit?

It is totally legit to advertise products for any company.

Is Wealthy Affiliate an MLM

No, Wealthy Affiliate does not work with multi levels and does not want you to sell certain products. The memberships fee you pay, as a premium member, gives you access to the enormously huge library of knowledge and the live support. All your websites hosting and back-ups are included. Also, 1-on-1 coaching and the possibility to live chat and connect in private with other members.

Is Wealthy Affiliate listed at BBB?

Wealthy Affiliate FAQs

There are 6 complaints about Wealthy Affiliate over the period of 2004-2015

Wealthy Affiliate FAQs – IRS

Wealthy Affiliate and the IRS

Every country has its own IRS system. I advise you to contact the IRS in your home country to ask what their rules are regarding earned income from a foreign country.

Wealthy Affiliate: is it as it sounds, as it looks like?

For this question, I can only give you a review of my own experience.

Therefore, I wrote you a letter which you can read here

Are there any questions left you want to ask?

Please leave your question below in the comment form, I always will reply to you!

Wealthy Affiliate Faqs

Wealthy Affiliate FAQs
Wealthy Affiliate FAQs

What is a blog overview

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  1. JEFF says:

    Loes –

    I understand the necessary effort required for a good start up and continuing momentum. My questions, as a retiree with ‘some’ time on my hands:

    1. What’s a reasonable, minimum BALLPARK TOTAL HOURS GUESSTIMATE for the necessary training, etc. required to get up to speed and actually earning a regular and steady monthly income?

    2. Once up and running, can a WA endeavor pay off if earnestly working at and on it for 10-15 HOURS PER WEEK (versus ‘full-time’)?

    • Loes says:

      Hi Jeff, I understand your question, but there isn’t a clear and definite answer to that. That depends on many factors. When your business is running, you can maintain your website within 10-15 hours a week, that’s very reasonable. You ask me if it’s possible to earn a regular income. It is, I have a lot of friends in WA who have accomplished that. And I will be honest with you, there are also people struggling.

      I will explain to you the factors. Some people have already Social Media accounts with lots of followers and opportunities, some start with no knowledge of Social Media at all. You understand that makes a huge difference. Another factor is peoples writing skills. Not everyone is a gifted writer. And some create within a week a very professional website, others just do not have a great feeling for colors and appearances.

      Also, the choice of the niche you want to promote is an important factor. The willingness to learn new stuff, and the way you implement it.
      Some finish the certification course within a month, others take their time and work on it for more than 6 months.

      I hope you understand that I can not guarantee a steady monthly income, I do not know anything about your circumstances, your way of working or your social environment.

      One thing is sure, the course is created for success and is for everybody the same. Many succeeded, and so can you.

      I wish you all the success in the world, Loes

  2. Katerina says:

    Hello there! What happens if you are from a country that doesn’t have PayPal? Are there any other options for payments? I would really like to take up this opportunity if there are other payment options. Thanks, and look forward to hearing from you soon.

    • Loes says:

      Hi Katerina, that’s nice:) I know there are possibilities, credit card is allowed also. In rare cases, when both options are not available, you can contact Kyle (the owner) at the forum, in person, to ask for a special treatment, I hope I can welcome you at Wealthy Affiliate. The first 7 days you’ll have a totally free premium access anyway. Time enough to arrange something. Kind regards, Loes

  3. Carrie Riebold says:

    Hi, I was about to join your program until i read reviews saying you don’t allow MLM businesses. I understand not wanting scam business, but the one i am working for is called Make Wealth Real. It is definitely not a scam as i have personal friends in it that have made alot of money easily and the program is easy to use and the things they promote are actually working programs like AAA, tax return, vacation benefits, grocery coupons ect. It would not give your company a bad name as it is a reputable company for many years growing fast. I have been with this business since Dec 2016 and just have a hard time trying to sell face to face. Can u please take my business into consideration and review it yourself? If u can let me promote it i would love to work with you and would love to promote your business as a helpful tool. I think your business is great and have done alot of research on it. I only work for businesses that are reputable and truthful. Thank you,
    Carrie Riebold

    • Loes says:

      Hi Carrie, you must have misread some things. I will explain to you the best I can. Wealthy Affiliate is an education platform where we teach people how to develop and monetize a website. You are (almost) totally free to fill in your website the way you want to. As long it’s legal. There are some businesses not allowed. 18+ erotic websites are one of those. Illegal is, of course, also not allowed. Wealthy Affiliate itself has not an MLM system. In all other cases, you are free to promote want you to want on your website. The Wealthy Affiliate environment is totally spamming free. So, when you decide to join our faculty, to learn how to monetize a website, you are definitely not allowed to promote your MLM business amongst the other students. You will be suspended if you do this.

      I hope this explain enough to you, perhaps we’ll meet each other at the Wealthy Affiliate premises, kind regards, Loes

  4. Jewel Carol says:

    Hi Loes

    I just love yr website. I would say, anyone interested to know more about Wealthy Affiliate should visit your site!! It will certainly satisfy their curiosity about what Wealthy Affiliate can offer them. :))

    I believe that to start a successful online business, what you really need is the right knowledge and skills; and if you are willing to work hard, you should be able to start building a website without problem.

    it looks like Wealthy Affiliate really can provide a great platform for anyone interested to build an online business. But of course, a lot of patience is needed to build a successful website!!

    Loes, well-done on yr website, it truly shows yr hard work in it. And I really appreciate you sharing yr wealthy affiliate tips!!

    Jewel Carol

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