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There are a lot of little and big success stories to mention. It’s impossible to tell you all the stories which are going around on the Wealthy Affiliate forum. So I selected a few stories of friends and followers. They have created their own successful marketing website with the technical help of the video courses, and with the helpful community support on the Wealthy Affiliate University.

If you don’t know it yet, Wealthy Affiliate University is an online open education source to learn all about internet and affiliate marketing. Website developing and Social Media. The courses are live, through videos and written, accompanied through a very active and helpful worldwide community.

Wealthy Affiliate University Success Stories

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My business mate Colton,

known as Parre on his profile

Joined: November 04, 2014

And I am very proud to present the header he has created for my website  “Thisiskidsart.com” 

Header http://thisiskidsart.com

Parre aka Colton

“In simpler words, I’ve learned how to take a passion and create content with it by leveraging the internet which also pays me in different ways. I’ve learned how to purposely make money on a website, inevitably.”

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My friend and tutor Nathaniëll 

Joined: June 03, 2010

Nathaniëll was my first contact with the Wealthy Affiliate University.
Through his honest reviews on his website One more cup of coffee I decided to sign up and join Wealthy Affiliate.
He is keeping close email contact and is very willing to help and is giving very good advice.


“When I started outsourcing stuff on my website almost 5 years ago, I would pretty much always go with the cheapest of the cheap. I would pay $3-$5 per hour for any kind of ‘job’, and about the same for a 500 word article.

The work got done, but there were always problems.”

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My business partner and friend Shawn Martin

Joined: April 09, 2012

A very helpfull colleague, who did assist me with my English grammar and article writing.

Shawn Martin Blogpost about: Bringing the wife home. A real WA success story

“It started out rough, and after 6 months I found myself earning 6 cents total and in a niche that was so broad I really did not have a chance.

Some dear members here were honest and ruthless in their guidance and kept insisting that I could do this, and they helped me find my first productive niche.”

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With his website Just build it now, Shawn enters the market.

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Dara from Michigan

Joined: October 02, 2015

I’ve just met her!

First success for this professional mother to 5 little boys in the age of 7 years and younger.

She created this success with her websites Learn it all, work from home and Finding bliss in the chaos

one month progress, already have commission

One month progress: Already have commission

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Ive Tried That aka Steve, my colleague on WA

Joined: April 22, 2009


Roadmap to success

Steve starts with the four criteria he follows when picking a new niche…

1. The niche has to be a topic that you can update often
2. The niche has to be something that personally interests you
3. The niche can be expanded to an authority style website
4. There has to be a way to tie products into your posts

Keep those criteria in mind and read through his training, learn more…

Steve’s very successful website is Ivetriedthat.com

Wealthy Affiliate University Success Stories

Colleague George and his lovely wife

Joined: September 19, 2009

Wealthy Affiliate University success stories

 Since February 2013 George and his wife have shared multiple successes in our community!

Read more blogs from George

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Loes, my success story

Joined: July 15, 2014

Ambassador rank 3

Read all about my success on Wealthy Affiliate by visiting my profile, blogs and tutorials.

visit wealthy affiliate profile page

WA Rank: #3
Premium Member
5 Websites
270 Blog Posts / 50 Discussions / 22,856 Comments / 47 Tutorials
My other 4 websites: This is kids art, Free images (English) Kleurboekjes and Eigensitemaken (Dutch with translator)

For questions & answers please visit my FAQ page

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