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Wealthy Affiliate’s Worldwide Community — 6 Comments

  1. The wealthy affiliate community is really a great platform for online marketers. I’m new to Wealthy Affiliate, and I so love it, most especially the give and take comments, which I am still learning more on. The community itself is more than worth the experience. I also like the platform because it gives a positive influence on it members.

  2. I think WA is great pathway to kickstart affiliate marketing.Wa provided the most comprehensive guideline which is the best for people who eager to learn on creating website, optimising website traffic and etc.I think it is a alternative pathway to Gen Y to kickstart as entrepreneur .By making their own business according to the skillset and knowledge on subject matter they retain.WA also help to teach the passive income which wouldn’t be taught by institution.

    • Thanks! Anyone who wants to create an online appearance, from beginner to advanced can find valuable information in the Wealthy Affiliate platform.


  3. This looks like just the type of education I’ve been searching for, but when you say it’s suitable for beginners and advanced internet marketers, how ‘green’ can a beginner be?

    I only ask as I’ve been looking into affiliate marketing but I am struggling to understand how the whole process works. I’ve never had any experience in any form of marketing before and I’m wondering if this education will go straight over my head and I’ll struggle?

    You’ve also mentioned free websites – do we have to build these ourselves and if so, do we get support in the process?

    • Hi Chris, you can be greener than green. When I started the course at Wealthy Affiliate, I didn’t know anything, not about affiliate marketing and also not about computers. I wasn’t able to make a screenshot, and I had to fetch my daughter to find the trash bin on my computer, where I accidentally had put something. 

      My biggest stumbling stone was the language, it’s all in English, and I am Dutch. Not only my knowledge about marketing increased, also my English improved enormously.

      The Wealthy Affiliate platform can be overwhelming, there is so many, but when you stick to the training, and not look around too much, you’ll be fine. You can always ask for help. The WA members are all eager to help each other.

      The website will be build with the website builder, and your website will be online within minutes. The course will help you step-by-step to create menu’s and content, and you’ll be supported by the community members and our fast as lighting technical support team.

      I hope this answers all your questions Chris, don’t hesitate to ask more, if things are not yet clear to you.

      Kind regards, Loes

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