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You are a beginner and starting to write a website in WordPress. The first thing you ask yourself is: “What do all those Buttons in WordPress. In this tutorial, I will explain to you which function those buttons have.

You can try it out on a newly added page, when you save nothing, the page can be moved to trash afterward.


What do all those Buttons do in WordPress > Here we go!


What do all those buttons in WordPress


We will start with the first 4 buttons.

Look at the picture below to see what those four buttons do with your text.



Wordpress toolbar lesson

We are now going to the next 5 buttons.

The next button is to block a quote

When you want to extract a piece of text

from the rest of the page, you select it

and click on the two comma’s

It automaticly jumps outof line

You can use it in combination with the I to tell people it is a quotation


Wordpress toolbar lesson


The next 2 buttons explained.


Wordpress toolbar lesson

 When you want to add a link to your text or picture you use the link button you see above.

The left one is to make a link, the right one it to remove a link. When you click on that, you get a pop-up form like this.

The search box is very handy when you want to link to one of your own posts or pages when you have about 600 on it.

WP tutorial12

Then we arrive at the last 2 buttons on the upper row, and the first button on the second row.


Wordpress toolbar lesson


The address

In the old days, some people will remember, the address on top of a letter, bill or envelope was always written in Italic , so when the first programs for computers were written, it was quite handy to add this feature.

The next buttons

The first one is to underline the text. With the second one, you can line out the text, like letterpress in a book.

With the underlined A you can change the text in any color you want.

Wordpress toolbar lesson


The last 7 buttons

The first one is very nice when you add a text from your word program.


Wordpress Toolbar lesson


This is the end of the “What do all those Buttons in WordPress” tutorial.

I hope it has been an instructive lesson for you.

I invite you to leave a message below on the comment form.

I wish you a lot of success with the development of your new website.


 “What do all those buttons in WordPress”.

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