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Many entrepreneurs think that having a website or webshop is their goal. It is often forgotten that the online adventure only just begins with that platform. We don’t see your website as a goal, but as a means to achieve your goal. Just like other marketing channels with which you can reach your potential visitor. Do you want to know more about online rules? Like every community, the internet also has its own rules. We have 5 golden rules for you to achieve your goal.

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Rule 1: A Good Website Design

A visitor determines within 3 seconds whether this is a website or webshop that matches his or her wishes. Web design plays an important role in this because when the design looks beautiful and clean, it is more attractive. Navigation buttons are, therefore, also very important. The buttons, menus, and categories will give your visitor a direction. To match the colors to your entire website, you can use a color picker. Click on the button below and read more about how to use colors on your website.

Rule 2: Generate More Visitors

The findability of your website or webshop largely determines how many visitors it generates. That is why a good position in the search engines is so important. Our online training will teach you all about Google search console, Google analytics, and the features of Bing and Yahoo. But there are more services that can lead to more traffic. Click on the button below and read which ones are.

Rule 3: More Return From Existing Visitors

A website is never finished and that is why it is important to keep optimizing. Remain and entertain your visitors by investing in this. So you stay ahead of the competition also. Different colors for the buttons, a different layout of the forms or more texts often make a big difference. Want to know more about this? Click on the button below.

The buttons I used here are the WordPress template default buttons, you can activate them by using this code:

<a href="https://yourwebsitelink.com"><button name="button">Name button</button></a>  The button will appear in your website color.

Rule 4: Branding Your Business Or Your Company

As an organization you want to have a certain image: businesslike, informal or, for example, professional. A uniform positioning with a consistent image improves the branding of your company. The best way is to create a business logo and use the logo throughout your whole website. How are you doing this? Click below.

Rule 5: Effectively Reach Existing Customers

Committed and returning customers are of great value to every entrepreneur. They ensure that you can grow. How do you reach these loyal customers? You can offer a PDF for free when people signup. You can also supply a newsletter. There are several ways can you do this?

Here is an example:

Keep Informed

Do you find it difficult to start your own website?

As online entrepreneur and coach for the last few years, I have learned a lot and gained experience in setting up a website. We, as the Wealthy Affiliate Business Group, have everything under one roof for creating a solid foundation for your online appearances.
To name some aspects: WordPress website templates, hosting, free subdomain names and/or owned domain name registration, security packages, video courses, an indexed weblog. In fact, you do not need to go anywhere else. We offer a complete online performance package and a 7 day free trial period.

Whether you have a website or thinking about starting one, you are a beginner or advanced internet user, you can, either way, take a peek at our educational business platform. We can be an interesting option for you. In addition to the enormous range of course material, the world’s number #1 keyword research tool ~ Jaaxy ~ is fully integrated and included in the price.

The sky is the limit

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