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2019, March

250. Best way to create anchor links on the same page

249. Free online photo editor special effects

248. Improve Alexa ranking for your website

247. 9000 online audio books free to listen

2019, February

246. What is the plexus worldwide? The plexus of the internet

245. Why do you block yourself using the internet?

244. 10 Secrets of affiliate marketing

2019, January

243. 10 ways to prevent identity theft

242. What Are The Different Types Of Online Marketing?


2018, December

241.Spy GPS tracking devices safety

240.How about earning 175 dollars with one sale?

2018, November

239.Environmental Factors Affecting International Business

238.Best Christmas present for you

237.The best reasons to work from home

236.Black Friday history facts and the rise of Cyber Monday

235.Free Printable Thanksgiving Invitations Templates And Editable For Christmas

234.10 Rules To Build A Wildly Successful Business

233.Free Home Based Business Opportunity, Stop Falling For Scams

232.Interview: Tony promotes real ways for veterans to earn money online

231.If Google Was A Mountain, Jovo Would Easily Climb To The Top

230.What Does An SEO Specialist Do, Interview With Robert

229.James Turned The passion Of His Wife Into An Online Business

228.Interview: Become a successful affiliate marketer like Nathaniell

227.Interview with Jessica from Alaska who finds benefits in nature walks

2018, October

226.An interview with Shawn Martin, Colleague and friend

225.Interview: Grandma Debbi finds the Internet

224.An Interview with Robert Allen, my Scottish friend

223.Watch The Interview Online with Marion Black Online

222.Who is Kyle of Wealthy Affiliate?

221.What Is Wealthy Affiliate About? Series of Interviews

220.Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or Legit?

219.Wealthy Affiliate’s worldwide community

218.What is Better for Business Vimeo or YouTube?

217.Webtalk Social Media is the Talk of the Town

216.Christmas is coming, be aware of the latest email scams

2018, September

215.How to Build a Killer Website Homepage from Scratch in 4 Easy Steps

214.Guest blogging at Work at Home, the Future is Yours

213.Best portable studio lighting kits

212.How to change the background color on your website partially

211.Free Training For Banners In Website Header And Footer

210.Free Animated Graphics Website Image Text Bar

209.The benefits of web hosting at Wealthy Affiliate

2018, August

208.Best online investing beginners course

207.What are assets and liabilities?

206.A Website As An Intangible Asset

205.How to spot a pyramid scheme?

204.Examples Animated Banners diy

203.Animated name signatures diy

202.How to create an animated gif background to an image

201.Awesome Free Image Gallery For Your Website Without Plugin

200.Back To Top Icon

2018, July

199.Change Mouse Pointer Image

198.Famous online on YouTube, are you ready?

197.How to create a website for affiliate marketing

196.The Benefits of a Content Management System – CMS

195.HTML Special Symbol Codes, Japanese Emoticons, Animated Smileys

194.Can you get WiFi in your car?

193.Being A Star In Your Industry Is A Matter Of Making Awesome Email Newsletters

192.Online video course affiliate marketer no. #1

2018, June

191.Proof that Wealthy Affiliate is legit

190.73 Percent Wants A Professional SEO Expert For Free, Let Me Introduce You To…

189.Earn Internet Money From A Lot Of Site Traffic

188.Learn to be a copywriter

187.Start your own blog for free online

186.Better Business Writing Skills Practical SEO Tips Without Technical Hassle

185.Professional graphic design software

184.How to get people to read my blog?

183.Google keyword tool search, and you’ll find Jaaxy

182.Awesome Free Web Button Creator

2018, May

181.Video creation software free for everyone

180.How do I Verify If A Website Is Legitimate?

179.Blur pictures online, blurring faces photos

178.12 reasons why people leave your website

177.Simple video maker free online

176.What do you want to achieve in business?

175.What is the best laptop for me?

174.How to come up with a domain name?

173.Bluetooth hearing devices, are they harmful?

172.How to write and publish an ebook with professional help

171.Quick & Easy Graphic Design Tool

2018, April

170.What is WordPress Gutenberg Editor?

169.Affluent Wealthy Affiliate online marketing business community

168.Info Google Analytics accepting DPA amandment

167.Best businesses start online, 20 best free tools

166.Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics

165.I know everything about you

164.Smart security camera system reviews

163.Portable car safes reviews

162.#Delete Facebook or not to #Delete Facebook, that is the question?

161.Deep web search engine Tor

160.General Data Protection Regulation Law In The European Union (AVG)

159.40 Easy ways to make money for students

2018, March

158.16 Tips For The Best Angle To Take A Selfie

157.Insert a PDF file on a web page

156.Teamwork in a business environment

155.Jobs with the brightest future

154.Why do people create websites?

153.Blindfold for visually impaired people

152.Making money online with affiliate marketing for beginners

151.Why are you the perfect candidate for the job?

150.Best software building websites for teachers

149.Wealthy Affiliate Premium vs Mobe Silver

2018, February

148.Free HTML script codes

147.HTML ordered list start number

146.Next page HTML custom anchor buttons

145.Customize WordPress Read More Tag

144.How to write a finish line on a website

143.The perfect way to meet new people

142.Ripped off by a webshop

141.Business ethics social responsibility articles

140.DeadBeat Super Affiliate

139.Job openings for teens

2018, January

138.Looking for part-time jobs?

137.Small business fraud prevention

136.How does Wealthy Affiliate work?

135.The Zoo of Google, Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Hawk

134.Free downloads internet marketing


133.Best Buy Black Friday

132.7 ad banner makers free online

131.How to activate Windows 10 Emoji screen keyboard

130.Do a Barrel Roll Twice

129.Free small business website design widget

128.10 Steps to writing an ebook – guest blog Scott D.

127.SSL Certificate and Google


126.Turn your photos into works of art with Fotojet

125.How do people make money on YouTube?

124.Blog Marketing On YouTube

123.Share-a-Sale Affiliate Program

122.Free advertising online for my business

121.6 sites for Facebook symbols emoticons

120.Breaking News On Headlines 5 Best Tips Ever Online

119.Smell a Scam from a Distance

118.WordPress Category Widget Free Icons

117.Best way to make money online in 2016

116.Japanese Emoticons Kaomoji’s for Social media or Website

115.Full version free software for photo editing

114.How to add a signature to Gmail

113.Royalty free images for commercial use on Google

112.How to enter a verification code into the head

111.How to change WordPress Themes

110.Scam Alert List 2016, find out about the latest Scams

109.PayPal Phishing Email Scam Alert

108.Make Money From Home

107.Internet Marketing Statistics 2016

106.How can I learn to blog? Learn from the best!

105.Start your own online business, what do you need?

104.Create your own colorful text

2015 and older

103.Are my ideas worth spreading?

102.How to draw cartoon characters in one lesson

101.How to make new friends in 2016

100.How to avoid Internet scams

99.Animated name signature makers Free online

98.What is the highest paying affiliate program?

97.How to draw a stickman using MS paint

96.What is the best business to start?

95.Scam email from Warren Buffett

94.Memorial for all the victims of terrorism

93.Wrap text around a video

92.New EU Cookies Law

91.Wealthy Affiliate University Success Stories

90.Online Video Course Affiliate Marketer no #1

89.Real ways to make money online pros cons

88.Checklist for your post, before you hit the publish button

87.Add YouTube subscribe buttons to all videos at once

86.Wealthy Affiliate University Admission 2015

85.Logo maker free online, use Logo Garden

84.Free online advertising using YouTube

83.Remove background image, make background transparent

82.Create and share your own banner and banner code

81.Learn how to make money online, join the best

80.I hate my job, what can I do about this?

79.Put text under pictures, add invisible “spacebar”

78.Photo Effects, Free RD hover effects plugin

77.Free Graphic Design Software Online from FotoJet

76.Open HTTP URL in a new tab, popup forms etc.

75.Align images side by side, bordered, round, spaced HTML

74.Advertising Slogans will live forever…

73.How to work from home by blogging every day

72.How to make a slideshow with music

71.Free music downloads legally for videos and slideshows

70.Add pictures bordered, round, spaced,align, gallery

69.Add a video background to your website

68.Deadbeat Super Affiliate, report on this program

67.12 Creative tips to write stunning articles

66.Criminals abuse launch Windows 10, Email fraud

65.10 tips to get my website show up on Google page #1

64.Criminals trick you into fraud download

63.Stop YouTube showing other videos, remove end screen

62.I think I have been scammed, what should I do

61.How to Make Your Own Video Linked to Your site

60.Call to action buttons and badges DIY

59.Make your own speech bubble with Dutchisms

58.How to be safe on the internet by learning the skills

57.Whois Privacy Protect is at Danger

56.Definition of an Entrepreneur

55.Advertise on your Website

54.Background images on websites

53.Boost your Twitter Followers

52.Is Wix a good website builder

51.Create a Photo Slideshow

50.Importance of Internet Marketing

49.Make your own video

48.Online Photo Effects

47.Convert word-/-PDF

46.Best colors for a website

45.List of HTML Codes

44.Html code for a text box

43.Round picture frame

42.Make your own header

41.What is a blog

40.New graduate employment

39.Make a YouTube Video Loop

38.Learn affiliate marketing

37.Handy WordPress shortcuts

36.Internet Marketing Strategies

35.Build a website from scratch

34.Make Money at Home

33.Make money online

32.Google page rank

31.Call to action arrows

30.Special Effects Photos

29.Start your own Website

28.Affiliate Disclosure

27.WP Tutorials for Beginners

26.Free animated gifs

25.Keyword tool search

24.Page rank check

23.Transparent Background

22.Avoid scam online

21.Increase Website Traffic


19.Tradedoubler affiliate

18.Trade Tracker Affiliate

17.Zanox Affiliate Program

16.Special Symbol Codes revamped

15.Affiliate Marketing Program

14.html code block

13.Open Link in New Tab

12.Amazing Free Website Tools

11.HTML Table code

10.html Codes for beginners

9.Anchor, Jump Link

8.Common Internet Scams

7.Best Affiliate Marketing

6.Website Mobile Friendly

5.Buttons in WordPress

4.Notification bar

3.SEO Keyword lesson

2.Money Online Survey

1.Work at Home Moms

What is a blog

What is a blog?

A weblog or blog is a personal diary on a website that regularly, sometimes several times a day, is kept. The blogger, author, provides a log of information he wants to share with his audience, visitors to his blog. Usually, it is text, but sometimes pictures (a photoblog), videos (vlog), or audio (podcast). Blogs often offer their readers the opportunity to react.

What is a blog

How do you write a blog?

To write a blog, you need at first a subject. Then you need to find a good google phrase, you know the ones people will enter into the Google search bar to look for information. Then you need some © free pictures to make your blog look great.

What is a blog

Why would people be interested in your story?

There are 7 billion people, of all kind of cultures, looking on the internet to find others with the same interests.
So there will be quite a few, looking for what you have to share.

What is a blog

History of a Blog

The concept of a blog or a group weblog arose naturally from the “online diaries” that people from 1994, began to keep up. Jorn Barger is the inventor of the word ‘blog’ in 1997.


What is a blog

It’s never too late to start blogging 🙂

what is a blog

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