What is the best way to learn affiliate marketing

Google is your best friend

It is not yet a year ago, I was searching the internet for possibilities to make money online. I strumbled over a lot of scammy offers. I was typing in words into the Google, totally unaware of the fact that those were called keywords.
I am not a native English speaker, I come from the Netherlands, and the words “Affiliate Marketing” or  “What is the best way to learn affiliate marketing”, where definitely not the words I did type into the search bar. We call it “partner of (company name)”.

Wary as I am, I check every online earning money possibility into the Google search bar. Is Auto Money Machines a scam? Is empower mobe a scam? Is Cash Flow Crusher a scam? DollarPTR? Enigma code?

And I could go on the whole day, getting more suspicious by every finding.

You can Google anything you want to know!

What is the best way to learn affiliate marketing

You can Google my name Loes Knetsch about 2.910 results (0,48 seconds- rising per day)

When I typed my name into the Google search bar a year ago, I found myself on 3 searches.

But since I have learned how to create websites and how to monetize websites, I am found by Google quite a few times more. You can get to know a bit more of me too 🙂

What is the best way to learn affiliate marketing?

I found Wealthy Affiliate, and of course, I did enter Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam

I realized that Wealthy Affiliate is an educational program to learn affiliate marketing, and how to monetize a website. I signed up.

I started to learn about how to run an online the business in July 2014, step-by-step, without any knowledge of marketing or SEO keywords at all. I had never heard those phrases. I sat shackled behind my computer.
Watching one video after another.  So handy, you can stop those videos anytime and work things out!
Ever since I am working on my websites on a daily base. And I am proud of what I have accomplished, thanks to the comprehensive and easy to follow lessons at the Wealthy Affiliate University and the helpful community.

I am working on 5 websites now, my English sites thisiskidsart.com, freeimages.siterubix.com, and my Dutch sites eigensitemaken.siterubix.com, kleurboekjes.com, your.siterubix.com and this website.

Reviews of companies you can get affiliated with:


Trade Tracker

Trade Doubler

Mini in the box

Bol.com [Dutch]

Do you want to take a look at the Wealthy Affiliate Community?

visit my profile page

affiliate disclosure

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Hey, nice to meet you. I am Loes and I love to work, create and make money on the internet. My vision for the future is promising because the activities and sales go to triple over the next few years. You can take advantage of it too. Step into the world of affiliate marketing today, and work towards financial freedom for you and for your family. If you would like to learn how to build your own Wordpress website, click here to open your free account today!

  1. Irene Anum says:

    Hi Leos, good post on w.a. ie just learnt i can link my w.a. profile to me website. pl the html tags and attributes below, what are they for.

    • Loes says:

      Hi Irene, thanks for visiting my website, those tags you can use to make text in your comment bold or Italic, but no one is using those, I have to sort out how to get rid of them, greetings Loes

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