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The first 7 days you can experience all benifits from a premium account, but after that 7 days? What is the Wealthy Affiliate free membership about? What do you get, when you keep the free account? And what will stay accessible when you decide to stay on as a free member.

What is the Wealthy Affiliate free membership?

* You will have your own blog space.
This  blog is a Google indexed blog, you can write one blog daily.

* You can create 2 siterubix websites.
The hosting is free.

* 10 lessons from the beginner training course Getting Started.

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership

* 10 Affiliate bootcamp training lessons. (phase 1)

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership

* Access to video walk-throughs.

* 30 free keyword tool searches.
Wealthy Affiliate has it’s own keyword tool and is unlimitted for premium members, but free a member can have 30 free searches.

Wealthy Affiliate Keyword search tool

* Access to 2 training classes.
As premium you have access to all 12 classes.

* Participation in Wealthy Affiliate ‘s own affiliate program.
20 ways to promote the free Wealthy Affiliate program.

1.  Share affiliate links from the program, or from blogs and tutorials.
2.  Recommend this program to people you know.3.  Share your WA review on Social Media.
4.  Build an email list.
5.  Make your own business cards.
6.  Add your website/ WA profilelink to every email you send.
7.  Approach local businesses if they want a free website.
8.  Take a Narrow.io account for new Twitter followers.
9.  Start a Facebook business page.
10.Startup a Facebook group.
11.Start a hangout on G+.
12.Start your own page on G+.
13.What’s app your friends your written posts.
14.Write your own training on Wealty Affiliate and share.
15.Leave your flyers in waitingrooms.
16.Leave your flyer in bus and trains.
17.Paint your webaddress on your car.
18.Spread your enthusiasm on parties
19.Open a Youtube channel.
20. Make your own movie for youtube. (free program)

* Earn while you learn.
A lesson from Kyle Loudoun, founder of Waelthy Affiliate.

* Suitable for starting affiliate marketers.


What is the Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership Account compared to the Premium Account?

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership

Well this is about it, what the Wealthy Affiliate free membership is about. But what do you get with a premium (payed for) account? Read more….

Wealthy Affiliate sign up

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership

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  1. Peggy Menke says:

    Hello, Loes. As usual, another great review. I am so glad I found Wealthy Affiliate. Before I did I spent a lot o money trying to make money online. I know that doesn’t make sense, but they say “you have to spend money to make money”, the problem I had before is that I didn’t make money with those other programs. Thank you, Wealthy Affiliate!

    • Loes says:

      Hi Peggy, yeah great place to be:) See you on the other side or is it site, well you know what I mean 😉 see you on WA, Loes

  2. Todd says:

    I think we all want to find a way to work from home. It seems like Wealthy Affiliate might be the way to go. Obviously no get rich quick scheme, but hopefully a way to earn extra income.

    • Loes says:

      Hi Todd, deffinitally not a scam, I have learned so much on this university, and there is enough material available to learn for the next 5 years every day something new, it’s really amazing! And to earn while you learn, is a concept I do appreciate very much. Greetings Loes

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