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That’s a smart question to ask. What is expected of you? Are there uberhaubt any expectations from Wealthy Affiliate towards you? No, there are none from WA to you, there are only expectations from you towards WA and towards yourself.
Wealthy Affiliate is an open source educational program.
It works for everybody the same, for the successful and for the quiter.

What are you expecting from yourself? What are you willing to invest on time and money?
Are you willing to study and working on your website a few hours a day, or do you rather watch tele?

In the Netherlands the criteria for having your own self-employed business is that you work at least 1225 hours a year.

That comes down to about 24 hours a week at least, to create your own success.

If you expect to become successful on Wealthy Affiliate, to just flip in a coin and pull the handle, you are wrong.

What will be my work on Wealthy Affiliate

 It takes time and effort to become a successful entrepreneur.

I see a lot of people come and go on Wealthy Affiliate. People who think they can get rich by setting up their website, and write a few blogposts. Spend a few hours in the weekend on it. Well I can assure you, that is not going to work.

You have to make a commitment to yourself to accomplish your success.

1. Do the video training step-by-step.

2. Work on your website. Daily activity is rewarded.

3. Write at least one blogpost a week.

4. Write with love in your eyes, instead of $$ signs.

5. Expect to become successful.

When your website has grown in maturity (6 months+) and you have over 50 blogposts on it, you are starting to count for search engines as Google.

How do some become succesfull and some will not.

The Wealthy Affiliate trainings are build to bring everybody success. But why do some people not reach the success they want.
That could be a lot of reasons, but the means reasons are:

1. They spend to little time to learn.

2. They skip lessons.

3. They don’t write a blog every week.

4. They expect instant success and are dissapointed, which refects on their work.

5. They make excuses.

What is the right attitude to become a successful entrepreneur?

1. Don’t count hours.

2. Do your work with love.

3. What you do, do it for the other, be the answer/help/solution.

4. Go for it with 200%.

5. Take your own responsibility. Stop making excuses!

That’s what changes you into a successful entrepreneur.

What will be my work on Wealthy Affiliate?

The answer is: Re-create yourself.

From the 9-5 mentality into a successful entrepreneur.


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