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Whois Privacy Protect

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Their closing:

We are dedicated to making sure ICANN hears your voices loud and clear.

Together, we can win the fight for online privacy!


When you purchase a domain name, you get the opportunity to pay a little more, to protect your address and phone number for being displayed. You buy Whois Privacy Protect.

Whois Privacy Protect is at Danger

ICANN,  the company that manages domain registrations, wants to publish all data out in the open.
The reason they give for that is, they think it will protect others from an illegal commercial activity.

Personally, I really do not like to hand over my private home phone number, nor my living address to 8 billion earthlings.

I understand big companies do not have any problems with their address and phone numbers displayed, but would they mind if the director home address and his personal phone number were at stake? I think he will scratch himself behind the ears too.

There is a petition going on where you can send a mail to ICANN to stop them from violate our privacy rights.
This petition runs until 27 July 2015

This is the email address you can use:

to: “” <>

cc: “” <>

subject: ICANN – {Your name} Says Respect Our Privacy

Dear ICANN –

Regarding the proposed rules governing companies that provide WHOIS privacy services (as set forth in the Privacy and Policy Services Accreditation Issues Policy document):

I urge you to respect internet users’ rights to privacy and due process.
– Everyone deserves the right to privacy.
– No one’s personal information should be revealed without a court order, regardless of whether the request comes from a private individual or law enforcement agency.

Private information should be kept private. Thank you.

You will get a confirmation mail, and they will add your signature on their website

You can phone them as well on this website you can enter your phone number and they will call you back


“Respect our privacy. Don’t expose WHOIS data.”

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  1. Private Individual says:

    Privacy protection is for individuals.

    Businesses that hide their business information by abusing these services is the most likely impetus for this change.

    Businesses should be prohibited from using whois privacy services and should be required to list their official business name and address, just as they are required to do when filing a DBA. (A domain name is not unlike a DBA, in fact)

    • Loes says:

      Hello Private, even while you are reacting anonymous, I like to reply to you. I agree with you, a company should not hide its data for customers, but the pointer takes now a turn to far. To reveal all data from everyone. There are millions of affiliate website and hobby websites in the air, from people who try to make a living from it or just want to share their interests. They are working on their websites at home, after work in the evening. They are well-regarded small businesses. Some are making profit, some are just doing it for fun. And I think it is really an infringement of privacy when ICANN is going to display private home adresses and home phonenumbers. As you say, let them work the other way around, and forbid companies to use Whois.
      Thanks for visiting my website, I hope you can use some of my hardwork:) Loes

  2. Peggy Menke says:

    Hi, Loes. I too received an email from Namecheap about the WhoIs Privacy Protect and I did act on it. But thank you for reminding everyone that this needs to be do. We have to speak out!

    • Loes says:

      Yes Peggy, we need to make a statement, privacy protection is a right which they might not violate. Thank you for taking action:) nice to see you here again:) Loes

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