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Do you recognize these emails?

Confidential! Hi Loes

I came across your profile online and wanted to make a business proposal that I think fits well with you. I have added a presentation that you can view at your convenience. If you leave your telephone number in front of me then we can discuss this by telephone when it suits you.

A number of advantages of this opportunity:
-Flexible working hours
-Very good basic salary of € 5,600
– Bonuses paid out on results

You are one of the first candidates I approach to offer this trade secrecy, so if you are interested in earning extra income we advise you to respond quickly.

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Young people are worse off with internet safety than the elderly. ‘Older people’ from thirty-five years deal better with a number of important safety issues than young people. Young people are more technically educated, but they take safety for granted. Most people from 35-year-old or older do check files before they download them. Only a quarter of the young people between the ages of eighteen and thirty-four take precaution steps. One-third of the older people who check even write down the filename of the download. Older people use their virus scan more often to check a download.

When opening e-mails and files from unknown senders, the elderly also score better than young people. Older people say that they do not open files from unknown senders. Young people say they would open e-mails from unknown senders if they suspected something useful.

How to check an email?

When you copy a piece of the text and put it into Google search you might find interesting information. I copied this part of a job offer:

We are looking for an Honest, responsible,well behave,caring and enthusiastic person to care and play with my daughter. Am Mr Eddy Collins by name with a child whose name is berentos 3years of age, My wife divorce me. Am

Within seconds Google tells me it’s not legitimate.

Job offer scams

Pay attention to the used grammar

This piece of text is overloaded with grammar mistakes! A missing d on the words behaved and divorced. Wrong punctuations. Capitals and non-capitals in the wrong places. And to be Honest 😉 I found for you, of course, the perfect piece of shitty text. However, you can receive a job offer, by email, in impeccable English, it is more common that this is not the case.

Spell check scam email

Check out on Google search if the link exists

When you hover, DON’T CLICK!, the link you get the example link on the left bottom of your screen. Write it down and check it in Google search without the extension or .com or .UK or .us.

Check out the link attached

Unscrupulous scammers

Unscrupulous scammers will get your attention over the dead bodies and disaster of others.

unscrupulous scammers

They work completely unscrupulous and are the worst egoists on this earth.

Legitimate job offers

When it concerns a legitimate website, with a legitimate job offer, it will pop up right at the top of Google search when you take the effort to do a Google query.

The email contains:

  • the companies address
  • the companies phone number
  • a company related email address (no, the server is NOT down!)

The scammer’s email address can be something like The real company email is

  • Check the email address in Google search, add scam to it. “Is a scam?
  • Who signed the email? Check the name.
  • Legitimate companies don’t ask for money!
  • Scammers ask you to provide confidential data before you even got the job.
  • Scammers can send you to a website form to fill in all kind of personal information. (Identity theft)
  • Western Union payments? RED FLAG!
  • Do you have to buy software to get started? RED FLAG!
  • Legitimate companies don not offer you an easy $5600 unseen.

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Check out the recruiter

When you get a job offer from a company, that you do not trust, go to their official website. Look for the contact form and ask if someone with the name ….. is working for them. Tell them that you got a job offer and that you are very interested. Perhaps your honesty will be rewarded. When that person is in no way attached to the company, and they have a vacancy, by accident, you might get lucky after all.

Fake jobs on Social Media

The social media is not all it seems. Do you really want to be sure that the job is for real? Check if it can be found in other places. The rule is: if you find it on three different sources, (outside Social Media) then it is more likely that it is correct. To be on the safe side, you can definitely rely on the companies website for the real job.

Job Offer

Why are you the perfect candidate for this job?

What makes you the perfect candidate?

  • You want out of the rat race
  • You want to build your own business
  • You want to decide when and where to work
  • You are willing to learn something new
  • You are bursting with ideas
  • You need coaching about how and where to start

Start your own business right here

When you are desperately looking for a job, you might fall for the wrong offers. Have you ever considered starting your own business? I was not too keen on it, but I took the dive a couple of years ago. I was 50+ and without a job. For every application, I was overqualified, underqualified, but I never got the reason, you’re too old. Hopeless. That made me look for different chances. And while searching online for opportunities I came across Wealthy Affiliate. That was the start of my own online business in affiliate marketing.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Join Wealthy Affiliate

For most companies, a website is a requirement, to become an affiliate and to be able to promote their products. Starting a business is something else than running a business. These are the steps to take to start an online business.

 1. Start a website

2. Learn the skills

view lesson 1

3. Become an affiliate

When you have a website with some content you can apply at companies and ask if you may promote their products. Once you are approved by the company of your choice you can actively work towards an online income.

4. Attract visitors to your website

Every Social Media platform is ideal to reach out to other people. An affiliate website is a global business.



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  1. Julien says:

    Wow, I am part of the young people not paying so much attention to important scam alert factors. I have never thought of copying a part of the email in Google.
    I already received fake offers but they were very obvious. Your post made me realize I have to pay more attention in the future.
    Even though, choosing to build an online business is an idea that excites me more than working in a cubicle…
    Thanks for sharing your tips! Have a great day.

    • Loes says:

      Hi Julien, thank you for sharing your way of dealing with email offers. You do have to be very cautious before you click on a link provided in an email. The other day I received an email, supposedly from my daughter, the thing was, her address book was hacked, and the link provided was bad luck.

      Have a great day too:)


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