Wordpress Category Widget Free Icons

As you can see in my sidebar, you can add icons to your categories. I think that looks great! With this plugin for WordPress Category widget, you can also make subcategories.

Wordpress Category Widget

1. Go to plugins.

2. Add new.

3. Search for “Category Subcategory List Widget”.

Description of this plugin:

WordPress press widget to list category and subcategories of posts/custom taxonomies of custom post types.


  1. It allows users to add custom icons for category or for subcategory or for custom taxonomies
  2. It lists categories and subcategories in user-friendly horizontal pattern. Please refer screenshots.
  3. Category icons can be edited/removed/update with new icons under edit category or under edit custom taxonomy admin screen
  4. Admin settings of this widget has facility control display on/off for category icons
  5. Admin settings of this wiget has facility to show/hide count of posts in categories
  6. Admin settings of this widget has facility to show/hide empty categories in widget
  7. Title of widget can be customized in widget settings

4. Install and activate.

5. Add the widget to your sidebar, and remove the default category widget.

6. Go to posts – categories.

Wordpress Category Widget

6. Find your icons on Iconfinder.

The icons you see here are only for my personal use.

and to give you an idea of what is possible.

7. The measures of the icons have to be 32px x 32px.


9. Iconfinder has multiple different contributors so everyone has different licences.

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