Youtube add subscribe button to all videos at once

How to add a Youtube subscribe button.

You have to make your youtube subscribe button yourself and you can do that on

1. Create new image.

2. Name: Youtube subscribe button.

3. Choose for 300 x 150 and check transparency box, then save.

4. Add the text  and choose for min.100 px up to 140px, “Click here to subscribe”  or “Subscribe Today” and use one color,

5. Save as png file, so it will keep its transparency

Go to your Youtube channel

1. Go to the creator studio from Youtube.

2. Choose channel.

3. Then go to branding.

4. And click on the watermark.

5. Upload your just created “youtube Subscribe button text” Pixlr- file.

6. and click on “save”.

7. Choose for “end video” and update!

8. From now on your subscribe button is active on all your Youtube Videos!

9. Watch the result on the Youtube beneath, in the down under – right corner.

Youtube subscribe button

I hope you liked this tutorial, I wish you success with making your business a thriving one!

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